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Welcome to the 82nd AB 505th PIR regiment. We hope you enjoy our server and forums. We are a DoD 1.3 realism unit and are proud to say the best unit in realism today! Please stop in the server and forums at anytime for a little fun =SALUTE=


 Jobs, Responsibilities, Special Training

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PostSubject: Jobs, Responsibilities, Special Training   Jobs, Responsibilities, Special Training I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 8:54 pm

To apply to a job that is open you must be a PFC (Pvt. with authority from an officer), and understand what the job is. Make a make-shift application and post it somewhere.


Adjutant General: Open
Intelligence Officer: Open
Asst. Intelligence Officer: Open
Operations Officer: Open
Asst. Operations Officer: Open
Military Judge: M/Jg. Jenner
Asst. Military Judge: Open
Drill Instructors: Open
After Action Reporter: Open
After Action Reporter: T/3 Ares
Field Analyst: Open
Asst. Field Analyst: M/Jg. Jenner
Unit Correspondent: Open


Recruitment Liaison: 1Lt. Mongler
BCT Instructor: 1Lt. Mongler

Military Police:
MP Positions cannot be applied for. HQ will offer you a MP position if you meet the requirements

Head MP: Col. Bocek
MP: Open
MP: 2Lt. Sheehan

Company Techs

Technical Sergeant: TSgt. Burnes
Head Tech: (Company Tech) T/4 Sonnet
Asst. Techs: (Platoon Techs) T/3 Ares, T/5 Romans

Forum Admins

Head Admin: Col. G. Bocek
Admin:Cpt. Ingalls
Admin:1Lt. Mongler
Admin:1Lt. Jenner
Admin:2Lt. Sheehan

Vent Admins

Head Admin: Col. G. Bocek
Admin: Open
Admin: 1Lt. Jenner
Admin: 2Lt. Riddell
Admin: 2Lt. Sheehan

Weapon Training
Must be a Cpl. or above in rank, and a responsible, mature soldier to hold one of these positions.

SMG Trainer - Thompson, MP40: Open
Rifle Trainer - Carbine, K43: Open
MG Trainer - MG42, MG34, 30 Cal.: Open
Support Trainer - Bar, Stg44: Open
Marksman Trainer - Garand, K98: Open
Sniper Trainer - Springfield, K98scoped: Open
Pistol Trainer - Colt, Luger: Open
Zook Trainer - Bazooka, Piat, Panzerchrek: Open
Nade Trainer - Grenade, Nade: Open

Special Training
Jump School - Col. G. Bocek
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Jobs, Responsibilities, Special Training
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