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Welcome to the 82nd AB 505th PIR regiment. We hope you enjoy our server and forums. We are a DoD 1.3 realism unit and are proud to say the best unit in realism today! Please stop in the server and forums at anytime for a little fun =SALUTE=


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PostSubject: Attention: 505thPIR   Attention: 505thPIR I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 1:14 am

Eagle League is starting Tuesday the 29th at 9pm est-6pm pst. Make sure you read the eagle rules as they are way different than TPG. Our tag is Foshey||505thPIR||. They are 7 v 7 so the first seven on the roster that make it are in. We will need a couple back up and alternates just in case someone leaves. We need each player to take a screen shot at the beggining and at the half as well as a demo for each half. Read the rules.....Also we dont use in game chat so you will need to get vent info before then......We may have a practice this weekend if we get enough on Good Luck.....
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PostSubject: Re: Attention: 505thPIR   Attention: 505thPIR I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 8:07 am

Foundation: The original Eagle league community was founded by four clans: Over The Hill (OtH), Killers Incorporated (K_Inc), Death by Toons (Dbt) and Rough Riders (RR). The Blacksheep (VMF) are the reformed Rough Riders, and the only remaining original clan. The Founding clans of the reformed Eagle League are the Mr. Magoo’s (MM), Merrill’s Marauders (475th), and Blacksheep (VMF). Eagle league is a community dedicated to the belief that online gaming can still be conducted by gentlemen and sportsmen of honor, without cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct or showing off. All clans admitted into this league must share our vision of sportsmanship, fairness, teamwork and community. There will be absolutely no tolerance for cheating, hacking or other cowardly, dishonorable qualities. The basic premise of the league is to be a place for clans to have fun and enjoy competition amongst other gamers, without having to deal with what most of the other leagues and servers have become. It is our intention to be a small community of 8-16 teams, and we will be an invite only league. Eagle is a custom map league, but we may also use an occasional classic map.

Administration: One member from each participating clan will have an admin representative, who will deal with the overall operation of the league. Each clan can select their own admin, but Eagle League reserves the right to remove admin status from any admin who displays poor conduct, decision-making or lax discipline. Admin's will have the duties of scheduling the week's matches, determining the map to be played, and enforcing the league rules. All decisions will be by admin majority. The Chair and head-admin will be from the Founding VMF clan, casting the tie-breaking vote. Admins are also responsible for settling any disputes arising from these matches. Hopefully the clans involved will be mature enough and honest enough not to have disputes. Admins will refrain from being involved in the outcome of a dispute that directly involves their clan, unless it is essential they participate (ex. head-admin tie votes). Admins MUST be registered and active on the Eagle Forums.

Admin powers and duties: This section outlines the powers and duties of the two levels of Eagle admin with more detail. Rules in other sections apply.
1) Team Admin/Independent Admin – Each team gets one admin automatically. Additional members may be invited to become an Independent admin. Team Admins and Independent Admins share ALL of the same duties and responsibilities. Each admin has ONE vote in all League matters, including disputes, disciplinary actions, map selection, new teams and new members. Each admin has the right to access the admin level forums, and participate in the dialogue. Each admin must conduct himself/herself with honor, which means defending the league from hecklers and opponents, supporting the league and our collective interests, and obeying all Eagle League rules. If a team leaves Eagle League, they lose their admin slot as well. Admins MUST be active. Any admin that doesn’t participate regularly in the duties of office, particularly by vanishing without notice for a lengthy period of time, will lose their admin position.
2) Founders/Eagle Consultants- Each founding clan (VMF, 475th, MM) has one Founding Admin. The Founding admins are Kodiac (VMF), Merrill (475th), and Chezzy Puffs (MM). Additional clans may be granted Founders status by 2/3 Founders decision, except for veto. Each Founder has ONE vote in all matters, like a Team Admin. Only Founders/Consultants can invite Independent Admins. Additionally, Founder Admins can vote to remove any regular admin. All of the admins are CHAIRED by the Head Founding Admin, who carries the title of Eagle President. The President of Eagle League is VMF Kodiac. The Eagle President can cast a tie-breaking vote in any split-decision. Additionally, the Eagle President can veto any admin decision, including using a line/item veto. The veto will be used sparingly, as a last resort to protect the League. Eagle Consultants are outside entities that assist the League. Eagle Consultants have ONE vote in all clan matters, including at the Founder level.

Acceptance into the League: Any clan desiring to play in this league will first have to show interest in the league by talking with members in the league and posting interest in the forums. They will then be required to play scrimmages against 4 of the member clans and those clans will report to the league entry admin, discussing the scrimmages. The clan, if approved, will then be on audition for the first season. During this first season new Clan(s) will have a few of their matches observed by an admin of the league. These matches will be picked at random and will not involve an admin that is affiliated to the team they are playing that night. The league will then determine permanent status at the end of the season.

Rosters: All clans will have a dedicated roster that is given to the league admin prior to the start of the season, which includes handles and Steam_ID’s. Teams may request to edit their rosters before the season, with Eagle admin approval. Once the season starts, added players must skip the first match after they join. No roster changes are allowed after the 4th match of the regular season (including playoffs). Participating in a match with an unregistered or ineligible player, handle or Steam_ID will result in a forfeit. Admins should be somewhat flexible in the case of names. Teams may be asked to split their roster into two teams if they have a large excess of players.

Matches: All matches will be in a 7v7 fashion and a minimum of 5 players on each team are required to start.

Class Limits: It is the responsibility of each team to ensure they are within proper limits for each class. If you exceed the limits for any reason you will be held responsible, no matter what. You have been warned. Weapon farming, or purposely dying to add weapons in spawn, is also illegal.

Rifle Class: 2
Sniper Class: 1
Support Class: 1
MG Class: 1
SMG Class: Unlimited

Rifle Class: Limit – 2: Each team can have any combination of the weapons in the rifle class, up to 2 total. The rifle class includes K98 KAR Grenadier, K43 KAR Grenadier, Garand, M1 Carbine, M1 Carbine Folding Stock and Enfield.

Sniper Class: Limit – 1: The sniper class includes K98 Scharfschuetze, FG42 Sniper Fallschirmjager, Springfield and Enfield Sniper.

Support Class: Limit – 1: The support class includes MP44 Sturmtruppe, FG42 Para Weapon, BAR and Bren.

MG Class: Limit – 1: The MG class includes MG34 Schultze, MG42 Schultze, .30 Cal MG and Bren. Due to the British's lack of a MG, they are allowed a Second Support weapon (Bren) to use in this class. It is the closest weapon to fill the gap in this instance.

Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) Class: Limit - None: this is considered an open class, you are allowed to trade out any class you feel you have no need for in a certain map for this class. For example, if you have a map that you feel there is no need for a MG and you'd rather have another set of boots rushing then you may give up your MG for another SMG Class. You can switch back at any time if you feel the need as long as the MG class stays at 1 or less (see MG class below). The SMG class includes MP40 Unteroffizier, Thompson, Greasegun and Sten.

NO Picking Up Weapons: The league prohibits the picking up of weapons of any kind. This is to keep in the spirit of fair game play. The league has determined that picking up weapons could create an unfair mismatch and would negate the using of class limits. The one exception to this are the rocket launchers which may be pick up at any time. However, once a rocket launchers is obtained it becomes that person's primary weapon and they may not pick up a dead player's weapon even if it is the same type their class gets. (Eg. An Unteroffizier cannot grab a rocket launcher, shoot it, then grab a dead player's MP40 off the ground.)

Match Play: Matches will be every Tuesday at 10pm EST; the matches will be approximately 60 minutes long with two 25 minute halves and a 10-minute break in between rounds for substitutions or server changes. If a Clan isn’t ready 15 minutes after the start time, the match is called and the showing team is awarded the forfeit. That said, the start time and date are not set in stone; people have lives and things come up. There will be email addresses available for all Team Captains to make arrangements for different start times and dates to play if needed, as long as both teams agree and matches are played and reported prior to the next scheduled match. Any matches not recorded prior to the start time of the next scheduled match will count as a loss for both teams.

Schedules: Each season will be a round robin style play. Each team will play every other team in the league during the season. The playoffs will begin at the end of the season. Teams will be ranked according to their record and playoff matches will be organized in an NBA style. For example, with 8 teams playing the top four teams in the standing get a playoff berth. The #1 team plays #4 and #2 plays #3. The playoff maps will be picked by the non-playing team admins in a vote.

Servers: Teams must have their own match server, which will be a dedicated server that can handle a minimum of 14 players. Servers must be un-moded, except on a pre-agreed case by case basis. Team leaders can request a forfeit if their opponent’s server is moded. Each team will play one half of a match as Axis and the other half as Allies. The admins will post the match schedule for each week's match ups, which team is the home team, which team is the away, and what the week's map will be. The home team picks which side it wants to be first; Axis or Allies. The server will be set with the Eagle League Match and Map config files, which are located on the Eagle website download page.

Global Chat: After a match has begun only the designated Captains can use global chat. There is no penalty for accidental global chat use by non-captains, unless it is abused or habitual.

Leash the Hounds: Eagle is a league for sportsmen of honor, which means our members are gentlemen of honor on the field of competition. Running up the score is regarded as unsportsmanlike conduct. The game should focus on competing and winning, not showing off. Therefore, modified score balancing will take place to ensure an honorable, fun and competitive game. If a team gets 100 points or more ahead of the other team during a half the team captain that is down by 100 or more points may initiate a global chat that says, “LEASH THE HOUNDS” or “LTH”, which must be acknowledged by the other team. It is suggested that team Captains bind a key for this and use ALL CAPS to make it stand out. The team that is up by 100 or more points will only be allowed to use pistols, grenades, knives, or shovels. The use of Bayonets and rifle butts are not allowed due to the possibility of an accidental discharge of that weapon. The person that is using the MG can keep the MG and cover the flag closest to the team's spawn ( LTH FLAG ) or decide to change class ( See Class Limits ) in order to receive grenades. Some maps are designed with multiple spawn exits that can be close to more then one flag, good examples would be maps like Railroad or Harrington, these maps can cause confusion as to which flag is the one allowed to be defended by the MG. With these types of map the League will designate which flag in the map will be the Allies/Axis “LTH Flag”. When the score gap closes to 50 points or under, the leading team captain will initiate a global chat that says, ”RELEASE THE HOUNDS” or “RTH”. When this is stated in global chat three times the team will be allowed to go back to primary weapons and the MG can move freely again. Captains can use the leash the hounds rule up to the final 3 minutes of a half. Once under the three minute mark LTH can't be called. If LTH is called prior to the 3 minute mark, then LTH stays in effect until the gap is closed. The LTH rule will offer an additional challenge to highly skilled teams and keep the game competitive and fun. If you don’t agree with the LTH rule, or at least with its intent, then this league is probably not a good fit for you.

Spawn Camping: Spawn camping, shooting into spawn and nading spawn are all illegal. Spawn camping is defined as killing, wounding, shooting at or nading players in the spawn area, while exiting spawn or targeting the spawn area in general. Furthermore, players are considered in spawn until they shoot, pass home flag, or take 5 steps outside of spawn. For example, if two players are hit by one nade, that would be two violations. The penalty is 20 points per violation. If the violation results in a cap out, those points are also lost. It is the duty of each team to record the violations of their opponent and submit them to the admins according to dispute requirements. Honesty on both sides is appreciated. Flagrant or habitual violation of the Spawn Camping rule will result in dismissal from the League. So will dishonesty in a dispute matter if Eagle admins think there is abuse. Eagle Division is for sportsmen, so if you don’t like this rule get into Phoenix Division.

Map Scoring: All one person flag captures are worth 1 point every 30 seconds, all two person flag captures are worth 2 points every 30 seconds, and a total map capture awards the capturing team a 20 point bonus.

Reporting Matches: Matches and scores are reported by the winning team. The Losing team is responsible to verify the scores.

Spectators: Spectators are not allowed unless both team captains consent prior to a match. Eagle League Admins are permitted to spectate any match, except a match involving their own team. Admins should inform the two team captains ahead of time of their intent to spectate a match.
The home team may choose to set up an HLTV server as long as it has a minimum 60 second delay and is not adversely affecting pings. HLTV is NOT required, but any team with HLTV should post the IP in the Eagle forums so that anyone interested can watch the match.

Substitutions: If a clan is short players for a match, the clan can request from their opponents team leader(s) the use of substitute players. These players must be from clans that are members of the league and listed on their clan rosters. The short handed clan must be able to field at least five of their own players or they must request to play short-handed. The clan that is not short-handed can agree to play with the number of players that the other clan has but is not required to do so. Teams unable to meet these match requirements forfeit.

Ringers: Non-League Players or "ringers" are strictly prohibited from playing in a league match. Any clan caught using a non-league player will forfeit the game and be subject to corrective action by the league including possible dismissal from the league. If you suspect a team is using a RINGER, pull down your console, type in “Status”, and take a screen shot of the console. A screenshot will list the players in game and their Steam_ID's. Admins will review screen shots for Steam_ID's to ensure that all players are legal.

Rates: The original Eagle did not have rates requirements. We will use these standard rates for Eagle Division, and may add more depending on member requests/responses.

rate - 20000 or higher
cl_cmdrate - 60 or higher
cl_updaterate - 60 or higher
ex_interp - .01 to .03
developer 0

Game Exploits: Eagle League has ZERO tolerance for the use of any in-game glitches. Examples would be abuse of grenade glitches, accessing places that are not meant to be accessed by boosting or slow climbing a wall, or hiding in glitch areas that were meant to be solid. If you're not sure about something, ask the admins for a ruling on it before the match.

Hacking: This game has been around long enough for everyone to know what cheating is. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from Eagle League FOREVER and reported to every gaming forum and anti-cheat site on the internet. And we WILL do it. Seriously.
We want the best team to win, not the team with the players best at cheating. If a player is accused of hacking, we may require the player to complete an X-ray test. The Eagle Admins reserve the right request an x-ray test from any competing Eagle member, whether or not there is proven cause. Players that refuse the test can be dismissed from the league. You can visit the X-ray website for more details. www.xraygaming.com

Custom Addon’s: No modification to the game will be allowed, like the use of custom models, weapons, sprites and skins. This can be considered a form of cheating if it gives a player or team a unfair advantage, so all League members will use the original version of the game. League admins can decide to approve requested minor changes on a case by case basis. We have an Eagle Crosshair pack available for download, and those crosshairs are legal. CAL crosshairs are also legal.

Conduct of Clan Members: We are a league of sportsmen and we hold all members to a high standard of conduct. All players within the league will conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. It is the duty of all league members to regulate themselves and their teammates. Eagle League has no tolerance for cheating, racism, sexual harassment, profanity or rudeness in the matches. Showing-off, taunting or bragging at any time before, during or after a match is strictly prohibited. Visiting Clans will respect server rules of hosting Clans: No Cussing, distasteful sprays, etc. Any violations will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Eagle League uses a three strike policy per season. Clan members that violate this standard will be banned from match play for a minimum of 2 matches. A second violation will result in a longer ban. A third violation in a season will result in banishment from the league, and if the conduct is considered a reflection on that clan they may be removed from the league as well. If the violation is severe enough, the admins may choose to skip the three strike policy and ban immediately.

Match Dispute Resolution: If membership teams follow league rules disputes should be minimal. If there is a dispute a screen shot and server log or a recorded demo must be submitted to a league admin for review. Every player must record a demo of both halves of each match. Label each demo with the team, map and side: vmfedgeallies. A demo does not need to be submitted unless the Eagle admins officially request it. Admins may NOT request a demo more than two weeks old, which protects the right of the player to a reasonable level of accountability. If a demo is requested, it must be submitted within 24 hours (unless the admins agree otherwise). A corrupted, incomplete, modified, absent or unplayable demo will result in the admins assuming you have something to hide. All match disputes must be submitted within 24 hours of the match or it will not be considered, and all match disputes must be resolved within two weeks. Demo’s will be submitted in the JAG section of the forums, where they may be commented upon by all members. Every member has the right to investigate the demo, form a conclusion, and express a civil opinion. The admins will discuss the dispute and make a majority decision from the evidence submitted. The admin's decision will be final.

Penalties: In general we assess infractions and dispense penalties on a case by case basis. Eagle admins will determine 1) to what extent each breach is intentional, sustained, habitual or flagrant, and 2) how much benefit the team in question accrues from the violation. Malicious, clandestine and particularly egregious infractions can result in automatic match forfeiture, a temporary match ban, the dismissal of a player or players from the league, or even the dismissal of an entire team from the league.
As a rule of thumb penalties will 1) eliminate any points earned dishonestly, and 2) assess an additional penalty commensurate to the nature of each infraction. A baseline penalty range is 5-20 points per infraction, except where otherwise stated. Violations that are accidental, quickly and fully corrected, or harmless in outcome will in most cases be overturned and no penalty assigned. If a team receives considerable benefit as a consequence of an infraction (such as through ill-gotten cap-outs or spawn-camping) they should be prepared to lose more than 20 points.

1) You do not need to submit a demo unless an Eagle Admin asks for one in the JAG section of these forums!

2) Eagle Admins may NOT request a demo more than two weeks old. This protects you from unreasonable searches. It also prevents admins from fishing for infractions.

3) The presumption is "Innocent until PROVEN guilty." Proof means the possession of a fact, not a hunch. If there is a reasonable doubt about the fact, it is not sufficient to establish guilt.

4) You have a right to defend yourself, so long as you are civil. Socrates was falsely accused. He didn't start a flame war, well, not really. Be a sportsman about it.

1) If the admins ask for a demo, you have 24 hours to post a link to the demo file in the JAG section of these forums.

2) The demo must be the one we ask for. It must be complete, unmodified, uncorrupted and playable. If there are any problems with the demo, we will assume that you have something to hide and WE WILL PUNISH YOU AS IF YOU WERE GUILTY.

3) If Eagle Admins require you to install and use X-ray, you must do it or you will be dismissed from the league. Your team could be in deep water if you get caught cheating. They may know about it and they may be completely innocent, but if you are caught you hurt them too. Don't put your team in that situation.
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Attention: 505thPIR
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